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The model is approximately 4 inches in length and has a 5 inch wingspan. Adult collectible 14+ The Grumman F4F Wildcat is a carrier-based aircraft that was the primary fighter used by the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the Pacific Theater during the early part of World War II. With a top speed of 318 mph, the Wildcat was generally outperformed by the faster, more maneuverable, and longer-ranged Japanese A6M Zero, but the Wildcat held its own with excellent survivability due to its rugged construction and robust armor.
White #6 was part of Composite Squadron VC-93's team of Wildcats and Avengers adorned with a four-leaf clover. They operated out of Casablanca-Class aircraft carrier CVE-80 USS Petrof Bay. They performed escort, ground attack and anti-submarine duties towards the end of WWII, including during the Battle of Okinawa.