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Sopwith F.I Camel Australian Flying Corps (1:63)

The Australian Flying Corps (AFC) was established in 1912 and was the forerunner of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) which was formed on 31st March 1921. The AFC's No 1 Squadron flew against Turkey in the Middle East from 1915 to 1918 and no's 2,3 & 4 Squadrons against Germany on the Western Front from 1916 till the Armistice in 1918.
The AFC's best fighter aircraft in the final stages of WW l was the famous Sopwith Camel which could climb to 3000 metres (12,000 feet) in 12 minutes, fully loaded with weapons and ammunition.
The Sopwith Camel was a single-seat biplane fighter aircraft that was introduced to the Western Front in 1917. The Sopwith Camel was powered by a single rotary engine and armed with twin synchronised Vickers machine guns.
The AFC's 3 top Aces A. H. Cobby, E. R. King and E. J. McCloughry all flew Sopwith Camels in No.4 Sqn. AFC.
 This Die-cast metal airplane model comes in 1:63 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 3 3/4 inches long with 5 1/4 inch wingspan.